Our Core Beliefs

Spearheading the drive to build faster, safer and better autism-friendly technology.

We build stronger future generations

Our work is only as good as the people it helps, so our efforts are evenly distributed to include people of all age groups, from early childhood to adulthood and all stages in between.

We’re all about mutual support

We know that behind every person with autism there is a caring parent, guardian, teacher or therapist, so we’ve created a safe community where you can benefit from wide mutual support.

We’re people-focused

Our brand goes hand in hand with people’s growth and development. Through our software and online resources, we provide the right support for all levels of autism, from low functioning to high functioning.

We’re forward-thinking and innovative

We take every opportunity to build a better world for the autism community worldwide. That’s why we embrace our responsibility by working in collaboration – and not competing – with other like-minded nonprofits.

My 8 year old autistic son came to me to go on the computer on Sunday. He is non-verbal, so I ask him to point out the first letter of the site he wants to go to on the computer. He pointed to Z, then A, then C. I thought he meant Zach and Cody from Disney. He started getting a bit frustrated until he pointed out ZAC Browser on the Google line (at the top of the computer). I clicked it and there it was…. Your site is an amazing surprise for us. Kiernan is very smart and now he has a place to go on the internet that is less complicated for him to maneuver. I want to personally thank you for this gift to our son and others like him. If you don’t know how amazing this is, you will now. We have 6 children, 5 with autism and we cannot always afford to go to sites that charge or buy software. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this surprise on the internet.

Jeanette Boudreau O'Donnell

Mother of 6 children, 5 with autism and winner of Extreme Makeover Home Edition

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