Give children with autism access to Zac Browser 2021 in English


When we launched Zac Browser, we had one mission: to help children with autism develop their interpersonal and communication skills with a safe and easy-to-use web browser. It was an instant success, and it wasn’t long until people worldwide.

It is thus by popular demand that we’re working towards launching Zac Browser 2021 in English, so to enhance the web browser usability and offer a better user experience for all English-speaking children across the autism spectrum.

We are reaching out to your financial support to provide Zac Browser 2021 in English. It would be a giant step towards providing people across the spectrum with rich content and lifelong security online.

Thank you for your support!

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What is included

  • Software creation in English.
  • Premium Content in English.
  • Zac Browser website in English.
  • Zac Browser Community Group in English.
  • Help website with instructions in English.
  • Newsletter in English.
  • For PC, Mac and Linux (other projects will cover the mobile apps for Android and iOS).

About Zac Browser

1 in 54 children are diagnosed with autism, and there are very few autism-friendly resources, even fewer that are free, that help children across the spectrum in their social and communication development.

This is why Zac Browser is so important. With its rich selection of educational and kid-safe games, programmes and videos, Zac Browser helps more than 6 million children with autism to independently navigate a simplified web.

True to our vision, we know that by making Zac Browser 2021 available in English, we can create a world where parents, guardians and teachers can use a free and child-friendly web browser to engage children in communication and social activities.

Milestones & Awards

  • More than 6 million users worldwide.
  • Available with previous versions in English, Spanish and French.
  • KidSafe Certified.
  • New content uploaded weekly.

Estimate Delivery

6 weeks after the funding of this project.