We Won! American Public Health Association Award Presented to Board Member

Elena Vivaldo United for Autism
By Elena Vivaldo • United for Autism
October 6, 2021

United for Autism member to receive acclaimed health award

We’re excited to announce that a founding member of United for Autism, Thomas Hassell, has won the American Public Health Association Award (APHA) from the UMass Medical School, Massachusetts, under the Disability Advocacy section.

For nearly 150 years, APHA has worked to improve the safety and wellbeing of all people and communities, advocating public health. Every year, the Public Health Association Award recognises individuals who advocate for the rights of marginalised groups.

With a general lack of understanding of the autism community, the award is a testament to Thomas’ outstanding contribution to society, underpinning the importance of supporting people with autism (and their families, carers and guardians).

“I am very grateful for this award”, said Thomas. “It’s proof that we’re gradually making headway with giving people with autism a fair chance at life. Whether it’s for finding work, living independently or having access to professional medical care.”

Save the date

The ceremony will take place on the 25th of October 2021. In line with COVID-19 measures, the event will take place via Zoom (8 p.m. – 10 p.m. ET).

To tune into the event, visit APHA website

Through his inspiring talks and campaigns, Thomas is regarded as a trailblazer for the autism community.  

At United for Autism, we’re honoured to have Thomas on our team and to guide us on our journey towards building an easy-to-navigate world for people on the spectrum.

Well done, Thomas!

The United for Autism Team


  1. John LeSieur 6.10.21

    Congratulations Thomas! I am really proud of you!

  2. Nathaniel 7.10.21

    I am the APHA member who nominated him.

    1. Thomas f Hassell 8.10.21

      thankyou Nathaniel for nominating me for this most prestigeous award

  3. Nathaniel 7.10.21

    As an adult with autism who is APHA member since 2010. I recognized greatness in Tom and nominated him for the advocacy award.

    1. Thomas f Hassell 8.10.21

      this is a very high honor for me to get this award

  4. Libby Hardy 7.10.21

    Congratulations Thomas! I’m so impressed and happy for you.

  5. Anne-Sophie LeSieur 8.10.21

    Congratulations Dear Thomas! Very proud of you =)

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