United Nations Marks Autism Awareness Day with Us (Kind of)

Elena Vivaldo United for Autism
By Elena Vivaldo United for Autism

25 April 2022

Oh, the honour! United Nations uses our name and logo to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day

Well, we weren’t expecting this.

Like many charities, schools and organizations, United Nations also observed Autism Awareness Day on 2 April 2022.

And this year, United Nations focused its attention on the deepened inequalities caused by lockdown.

In fact, during COVID-19, when the survival of the fittest was put into practice, people who could not adapt to…

• remote working
• homeschooling
• new technology
• and a different way of life
…were left to fend for themselves.

So people on the autism spectrum were automatically hit hard by unemployment and COVID-related job loss. Not to mention a lack of autism-friendly technology and resources to facilitate distance learning and enhance communication.

Check Zac Browser, the easy-to-use web browser for children with autism

While United Nations addressed some (and more) of these issues, the representatives also took to Twitter to mark Autism Awareness Day with a photo of them holding banners.

And what was on these banners? Nothing less than United for Autism’s very own name and logo!

Here’s the photo:

Source: https://twitter.com/UN_HRC/status/1509851160332718083

What can we say about it? Well, we’re honoured and delighted that the UN (indirectly) used United for Autism as the flagship organization to promote greater equality in the workplace, education and in society for people with autism.

Because when it comes to raising autism awareness, it doesn’t matter what logo you use, but what message you deliver to best help and support individuals on the autism spectrum.

In practice, this means allowing them to lead a decent life with the same opportunities and possibilities as everyone.

It’s about solidarity and unity.

I love someone with autism

How did we – United for Autism – celebrate Autism Awareness Day?

On our part, we celebrated the life and achievements of people with autism.

We did this by creating – by popular demand – a short video called “I love someone with autism”.

The video is a tribute to people with autism around the world. There are photos as well as tributes to YouTubers with autism. Anything from artistic creators, influencers and musically-talented individuals.

Here’s the video:

Link: I Love Someone with Autism 2022

Whether you did something big or small, we hope you celebrated Autism Awareness Day to show your love for people on the spectrum.

The UN-ited for Autism Team

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