People CD Entrusts Zac Browser To United for Autism

Elena Vivaldo United for Autism
By Elena Vivaldo 

9 November 2020

Somerset, United Kingdom • Following on from the success of Zac Browser, People CD has decided to hand over control of the technology to United for Autism, a non-profit organization for people with autism.

“We carefully nurtured and developed Zac Browser into what is now one of the most popular software for children with autism. By letting United for Autism manage it, we are allowing the full potential of the technology to unfold,” said John LeSieur, founder of Zac Browser.

Internationally praised for its simplified web browser for children with autism, Zac solves real-life problems through a simplified and personalized web experience. It is thus an essential part of People’s CD mission to let their technologies ideas grow through innovation and altruistic decisions that withhold the company’s vision.

Using its immense technological capacity and expertise, United for Autism will focus on managing and further developing this leading technology to give people with autism the power to independently and safely navigate the Internet. End users will benefit from a rich repertoire of entertaining and educational programs, videos, and games that promote the development of social and communication skills.

“We’ve only scratched the surface of what Zac Browser can do for people with autism, and I’m sure that United for Autism will make giant leaps in taking forward this technology and reaching a wider community of people with autism.” added LeSieur.


  1. John LeSieur 3.06.21

    Thank you Elena for this article. Zac Browser is now ready to go bold and grow into many languages and devices.

  2. Elena Vivaldo 3.06.21

    I’m thrilled to be part of something as useful and meaningful as this. Can’t wait to see the final version of Zac Browser!

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