Lockdown Can’t Keep Us Apart • United for Autism’s First Virtual Board Meeting Of 2021!

Elena Vivaldo United for Autism
By Elena Vivaldo 

5 January 2021

On Monday, 4 January 2021, United for Autism’s board members came together for the very first time on a video call.

Tuning in from different time zones around the world – from the UK, Italy, France and across the pond to the USA and Canada – the meeting was a long-awaited opportunity to see each other face to face (so to speak).

After a short introduction to get to know each other, John LeSieur, founder of United for Autism and the man who carefully hand-picked each board member, led the meeting.

Through open-minded discussion, the meeting focused on the mission and values of United for Autism and its long-term goals to help change the negative perception that society has of people with autism.

In John’s words: “We aim to be the torchbearers of unity and strength for the autism community worldwide.”

In 2021, we’re devoted to doubling our efforts to empower people across the spectrum and help make their lives – and that of their parents, teachers and caregivers – a little bit better during these times of uncertainty.

So rather than just running fundraising campaigns to develop new technologies and services, we also want to empower people on the autism spectrum. For example, by giving them work opportunities, thus giving them a sense of freedom and independence.

It’s hard to believe how, despite a worldwide lockdown, United for Autism quickly gained momentum in the autism community for offering practical solutions to real-life problems.

But here we are! Making change happen one day at a time.

Visit Our Team page to see who forms the backbone of United for Autism. You’ll see a bunch of people of different age groups, professional backgrounds and cultures, all generously donating their time and expertise to keep the wheels of United for Autism turning.

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Stay safe,
The United for Autism Team


  1. Thomas f Hassell 11.01.21

    great article!

  2. John LeSieur 3.06.21

    Thank you Elena, it’s was an awesome event! 🙂

    1. Elena Vivaldo 3.06.21

      It really set the tone for the rest of the year 🙂

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