Big talk: United for Autism 2nd board meeting

Elena Vivaldo United for Autism
By Elena Vivaldo • United for Autism

October 14, 2021

Building a solid foundation for United for Autism

The second board meeting of United for Autism was held virtually on 13 September 2021.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thank you to all our board members who attended the event and continue to support us on our journey towards building a brighter future for the autism community.

Without further ado, below are some important announcements:

Dr. Dawn Turnage elected as chairperson

The Board of Trustees unanimously appointment Dr. Dawn Turnage as chair.

In this role, she will ensure that every board meeting is carefully planned, all topics on the agenda are properly discussed and that effective decisions are made.

Through her leadership, she will also oversee that United for Autism’s mission, purpose and values are carried out.

But what makes Dawn the right person for this position?

Well, as a nurse practitioner, nurse researcher and Lecturer at the University of Central Florida, she incorporates the highest level of academic and medical knowledge. As an autism advocate, it helps that she’s a mom to an autistic son, so she understands the challenges of living with someone on the spectrum on a human level too.  

Anne-Sophie LeSieur elected as Secretary

Crucial to the smooth running of every meeting, the Board of Trustees elected Anne-Sophie LeSieur as secretary.

As a virtual entrepreneur and autism advocate, Anne-Sophie is the natural choice for this role. As a natural-born organizer, Anne-Sophie will ensure that all decisions and proposals are recorded.

Meet Sohini Chatterlee, PhD student

We’re thrilled to welcome Sohini Chatterlee to the team.

Sohini – a PhD student from Sri Lanka currently studying in Canada whose research focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion – recently joined United for Autism as a DEI Content Expert.

Parallel to joining a (fantastic!) team and doing something worthwhile, volunteering with us will complement her studies and help her take her first step into the working world.

Want to volunteer? Apply now

What’s happening and when?

At United for Autism, we’re always working on improving our technologies and developing new ones.

Without going into too much detail (not yet, at least), in the upcoming weeks we’re going to roll out…

• The Wall of Fame: our new campaign to honour all our sponsors and donors.

• The updated version of Zac Browser: the worldwide famous software for children with autism.

• The long-awaited Zac Academy: a teaching platform to connect teachers with students and parents.

• The much-needed Autism Road: an online platform for schools and families to plan their trips and outings.

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The United for Autism Team

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